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Self-Ordering Digital Food Ordering Platform that Supercharge your Cinema’s F&B Revenue.

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In the last 12 months

$ 1,190,632

Worth of Food Orders Processed


Reduction in Counter Ordering


Reduction in Average Ordering Time

Offered In Two Versions

Large Screen Digital Kiosk

QR-based mobile ordering platform

Why do guests love VSERVE Cinema?

The user-friendly interface allows for quick selection and customization of items, speeding up the ordering process.

With several kiosks available, multiple guests can place orders simultaneously, avoiding long lines at traditional counters.

Downloading an application for a short term user is a barrier of consumption. Our product ideology is to declutter the app of non-essential features and make it as effective as possible for guests.

Based on the best practices adopted from the best designers in the industry, our designs and placements speak for themselves. All our UX upgrades are also free for lifetime for all hotels.

The only solution you need

100% ROI in the first month

The increased sales revenue generated from the kiosk can quickly offset the initial investment. This rapid turnaround not only demonstrates the effectiveness of our solution but also underscores its potential to drive significant financial benefits for cinemas in a short timeframe.

Swift ordering and crowd control

By diverting a portion of the crowd to the kiosk, cinemas can even out the flow, preventing overcrowding and enhancing the overall customer experience. This streamlined approach boosts operational efficiency and enhances customer satisfaction profitability of the cinema.

40% increase in staff productivity

Automating order taking and payment processing frees up staff for value-added activities. This reduction in manual tasks minimizing errors and enhances overall productivity. Consequently, businesses can efficiently serve a larger number of customers within the same timeframe.

Upsell like never before

Through the utilization of data analytics and customer preferences via our platform, the cinema can suggest and tailor items that resonate with the most popular and frequently ordered tastes, thereby optimizing overall upselling opportunities

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Get a demo

A 30-60 minute demo to showcase the solution and suggest what combination will work the best for your Cinema.

Customize your app

Our team reaches out to share the details required to create the application. You sit back and wait to review and approve the details.

Launch in 2 weeks

Within two weeks, we can train your team and deploy the live platform at your cinemas, ready for your guests to interact with.

Watch Our Product In Action

The Wizards Behind the Magic


We offer seamless integration with Showbiz POS systems. Additionally, Vista integration is underway and expected to be available by the end of July.

We provide comprehensive custom-built analytical reports offering insights into guest preferences, buying habits, sales trends, revenue generated, and more.

To gain further insights into our pricing plan, we invite you to schedule a demo with us. Our team will work closely with you to determine the option that will best suit your business requirements.

There’s no limit to accessing live training sessions and detailed learning materials. We can conduct a training session within 24hrs of request.

Additionally, we offer 24/7 live customer support via email, mobile and WhatsApp that covers but is not limited to menu management and content updates.

Our clients enjoy the best-in-industry service standards.

VServe Cinema stands out by providing a faster ordering experience with its user-friendly interface. Unlike QSR brands that often confuse guests with multiple screens, our intuitive interface simplifies the process, typically concluding within 5-6 clicks across just 3 screens.

Our platform adheres to industry best practices for data protection and we do not store any guest data on our servers. For further details, please visit our privacy policy page.



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